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Auckland based fine artist, Shawnee Tekii, uses art as a tool to create social engagement. Often tackling the political issues that surround her community. Her work takes the unseen and mundane and illuminates the stories that lie hidden in the urban landscape and reflects them back at the viewer in all their colourful glory. Shining a light on the beauty that is part of every human experience and environment.


The digital age plays a large role in underpinning her practice. Shawnee’s work encourages the use of social media and technology to either document or activate deeper conceptual content. Through the use of bold aesthetics and Instagram worthy graphics, she aims to communicate her political agenda directly to audiences of her generation. 


Shawnee Tekii was born in 1998 in Auckland, New Zealand. She obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design in 2019, and currently works out of her studio based in Te Atatu Peninsula. Alongside her fine art career, Shawnee also works as a lecturer at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design.



2023: Freestyle, Group show at Limn Gallery

2023: Oyster and Moon, Group show at Depot Art Space


2020: Saltwater / Interconnectivity, Group show at Tautai

2020: PRELUDE : 2020, Group show at Gow Langsford Gallery


2019: The Guerilla Collection: Royal Rumble competitor, Black Grace


2019: The Last Meninas, Group show at Pearce Gallery



2018: Electric Night, Group show at K Road Arcade


2018: Open Arts Day, 50 Metre Mural Collaboration at Corban Estate Arts Centre


2018: End of Year Exhibition, St Georges Bay Rd Studios



2017: End of Year Exhibition, St Georges Bay Rd Studios



2016: End of Year Exhibition, Balfour Rd Studios



2015: Foundation Cert Exhibition, Balfour Rd Studios

2015: Vauxhall School Exhibition of Fine Art, Vauxhall Primary



2022 - 2023: Lecturer at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design


2016 - 2019: BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design


2015: Certificate in Arts and Design at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design


2023: Oyster and Moon, Acrylic and aerosols painting


2022: Cambridge Apartments, Series of five paintings



2021: Jonathan Skilton, Painting

2021: Antony Miller, Painting


2020: Grayson Goffe, Custom Painted Sneakers


2019: New Zealand Souvenir, Illustration

2019: Lania Manu, Painting

2019: Benetton Ngarimu, Custom Painted Sneakers


2018: Maori TV, Series of four paintings

2018: Antony Miller, Painting


2017: Jules Lough, Mural

2020: Saltwater / Interconnectivity, Tautai


2019: The Last Meninas, Pearce Gallery

2018: The Insider Zine, Tiger Murdoch 


2022: Selected as a Cohort Member for North Asia Pacific CAPE Creative Business Programme, Oyster Workshop

2019: Founder of The Paste up Project

2018: WWE Episodes, Featured on four Maori Tv Segments

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