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Looking for the perfect piece of artwork to fit into an awkward space inside your home? Or maybe you’re after a custom mural to brighten up your work space? Either way, a commission by Shawnee may be a suitable option for you.


Shawnee offers a free half an hour consultation through Zoom or over the phone. Some things to consider before booking a consultation may be specific imagery, sizing, colour scheme or any overall ideas you may have. Once the consultation has ended, Shawnee will contact you further with a quote and a delivery date. 


A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be required before any work commences. When the commission is complete, you are welcome to view the work at Shawnee’s studio to ensure you are happy with the final outcome. The remaining 50% due will need to be paid in full before the final piece is delivered.


Delivery date will vary drastically depending on Shawnee’s schedule and availability. The price of each commission will also vary depending on a range of elements, including the size of the work, amount of detail within and materials needed to complete the job. 



Shawnee Tekii, 2020. Abliss [Acrylics and aerosols on MDF 80 x 80 cm] LD.png

Jonathan Skilton

This piece was created as a birthday present for Jonathan's wife. The client was happy to give complete creative control over this painting and design. A combination of stencilling and hand painted elements were layered over this piece. This slow and gradual process added to the personal feel of this commission.

Cambridge Apartments

This series of paintings were created for the entrance of an apartment building. The client requested a commission that captured the essence of Auckland city. I chose to create a series of cut-out styled paintings that each took the mundane and illuminate the stories that lie hidden in urban landscapes around Auckland City.

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